Warning -

Highly Addictive!

Side effects can be - Outbursts of spontaneous creativity with associated smiling, growing sense of tranquillity and a burgeoning passion for fine pens and papers

Mindful Doodling 101 


6:30 pm

$ 14.

(50% off for 75 mins)

Classes suspended for the moment


Introducing Mindful Doodling  

Introducing Creative Meditation - Aside from its sheer enjoy-ability, it is easy, fun, stress-free and anyone can do it, no artistic talent needed, all you need is a desire to try something new and fun.

These sessions will guide you through how it works and a selection of easy first patterns as you begin to develop your own "pattern vocabulary", Patterns you can then utilise to create your own mindful mini works of art

Come and join these awesome live online art sessions! 

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Mindful Doodling 102 


1:30 pm

$ 14.

(50% off for 75 mins)

Classes suspended for the moment

Tile 1 - jewel pods.jpg
Tile 1 camelion.jpg

Mindful Doodling - The next steps 


Diving deeper into the wonderful world of patterns and abstract illustration with more awesome patterns, each week we explore something different, grids and matrix's, curly curvy patterns and so much more as develop and broaden our pattern vocabulary and skills in these guided sessions. 

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Exploring watercolours


10:00 am

$ 14.

(50% off for 75 mins)

Classes suspended for the moment

rocks 2.jpg
rocks 3.jpg

Exploring Watercolours - pencils & paint


Begin or continue your exploration of watercolour, this fascinating and beautiful medium takes time to master but it is worth the effort! In these sessions, we will explore different techniques, play, practice and develop skill through experimentation, it's totally fun!


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Wellness Art:

Adult workshops 

- Doodling for Relaxation

- Art Exploration


  • No artistic talent needed

  • Stress free – there is no wrong

  • Portable - simple tools you can find anywhere

  • Quiets the monkey mind/brain chatter

  • Improves moods and reduces anxiety

  • Aids in finding happiness and joy

  • Improves creativity / lateral thinking

  • Improves concentration and focus

  • Builds confidence, respect and acceptance

  • Improves hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills

  • Widely used by health & education professionals to assist with managing anxiety, pain, depression, anger management, addiction and rehabilitation