Monotrematic - A Platypus

Award winning piece - Highly Commended at WASA 2018 Wild Awards

Micro pen drawing - micro detail means you need to look closely! 


Limited Edition of 25 x Giclee reproduction per size option, hand signed & numbered


Frame - Australian made using australian timber frame, matt board, fine art perspex 



Monotrematic - A Platypus, Framed, Giclee Limited Edition

Frame Color
  • Platypus are a fascinating and unusual Australian animal,, along with the echidna, the duck-billed platypus are the only known monotremes or egg-laying mammals in existence! Naturually they are a protected species.

    Personally I always thought Platypus were designed by a committee with left over parts LOL, but they are adorable! Very hard to see in the wild as they are rare and shy, however a great many years ago I had one living in the creek of my property and spotted him (or her) fairly regularly, used to be a highlight of my day :)