Framed - Micro pen and watercolour - Limited Edition of 25x Giclee reproductions framed to gallery quality. 

Dimensions; 61.5 x 53 cm

Weight - approx less than 4 kilo. 

Shipping NOT INCLUDED in price! 



Kevin & Nigella, Sulpher crested cockatoos, Giclee Limited edition 25x

  • Kevin, a wild sulphur crested cockatoo turned up on my deck one day sitting calmly as you please watching me have my cuppa tea. Within a few weeks he was a regular visitor and developed a liking for Helga’s bread crusts – picking out the seeds and leaving the rest behind LOL – messy! And then he started bringing his partner, who we named Nigella.

    The name Kevin came from the movie UP and the loud and raucous bird in the movie (not Kevin Rudd), Nigella, well she loved her food, she always ate crusts treats from Kevin’s ‘hand’. We replaced the bread with wild parrot mix and within a few months we had a wonderful menagerie of daily visitors, Kevin bought the whole flock! And the rainbow lorikeets joined in, pale headed rosellas, king parrots and all the local birds!  It was absolutely brilliant, and I miss them! I could talk about their antics for days! LOL

    Drawing them in black and white however was a challenge and in the end,  I resorted to pen and wash to get the result that did these fabulous creatures beauty a little justice.