Hood by the Sea, from my lost things collection, images of loved vehicles and assorted items that have been treasured and put to pasture. they grace our landsccapes as nostalgic reminders of times past. they stil posses their own beauty, the patina of faded paint laced with the velvets of rust, gorgeous textures. 


Limited run 100x per size option, framed or unframed. 

Shipping with Australia is included! 

Hood by the Sea

Frame Color
  • Photo taken in the South Island, NZ 

    Gallery quality Giclee print.  

    Framing - Australian timber frame made in Melbourne, including white matt board, using fine art perpex - Why perspex instead of glass you ask?  Because it's safer! it's unlikely to break if dropped, so you can hang it anywhere with confidence. And importantly it won't break in-transit - (as glass so often does) so this beautiful artwork you have chosen arrives safely in one piece at your door.

    It is more expensive than glass, but I absorb that cost difference for the enhanced quailty of the product. 

    Disclaimer - Mocked up images are indicitive and not to scale!