Gregory Peck  - a personal favourite! 

Micro pen Emu drawing - complete with bright yellow eye and a tiny unicorn horn hidden in there, snails, webs, flowers and stars - micro detail means you need to look closely!


Limited Edition of 50 x Giclee reproduction per size option, hand signed & numbered


Frame - Australian made using australian timber frame, matt board, fine art perspex 



Gregory Peck - Emu, Framed, Giclee Limited edition 50x

Frame Color
  • Gregory Peck was a personal turning point in my development of my "style" and still remains my favourite piece.

    In creating him I had decided to be very consious of the patterns chosen to create the visual weight (light & dark) within the drawing, I wanted him to speak of the land he lives in and not just a pretty emu picture.

    So if you look closely you will find baby snails, rainbows, webs saluting busy spiders, stars to represent the night sky, and a tiny little whimisical unicorn horn too.  

    It was a close call for GP as he nearly ended up in the bin on serveral occassions!  but today an enlarged version is always on my wall to remind me of that turning point and the journey.

    That intense stare keeps me on track and inspires me to fight through the difficult times, and that they bring great rewards when you do.