ONLINE - Art & Creative Classes Via Laneway Learning

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Laneway Learning is one of my favourite community organizations, I love being a part of what they do and I teach with them Online regularly, it's great fun! Please do come along and join in anyone of their fabulous classes.

Below is a list of my upcoming class offerings with Laneway Learning, I have attached a link that will take you straight to their website class page where you can select and purchase a ticket to attend - See you There! :D

Mindful Doodling with Marloes (Online)

An introduction to the world of abstract illustration (or Doodles) as a gateway to relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. 

This highly addictive art form is easy, fun & portable and anyone can do it, no artistic talent is needed, all you need is a desire to try something new and fun.

Side effects can be – Outbursts of spontaneous creativity with associated smiling, a growing sense of tranquillity, and a burgeoning passion for fine pens and papers!

Pencil Pet Portraits w Marloes online.JPG

Pencil Pet Portraits with Marloes (Online)

Would you like to draw a super cute portrait of your pet? 

Or really any other animal you love!

Come and learn how to create an adorable pet image and how to create the perfect animal fur texture with artist Marloes!

Watercolour for Beginners - Heritage buildings with Marloes online.JPG

Watercolour for Beginners: Heritage Buildings with Marloes (Online)

Learn how to draw and watercolour heritage buildings or landmarks in this fun beginners class. 

Australia is full of amazing landmarks, natural or human, as well as some pretty iconic buildings. 

Let’s capture our favourite memories of these places and draw, ink and watercolour our favourite Australian landmark, street-scape or heritage building!

Marloes will guide you through the process, offering tips and advice on how to use watercolours, pens or markers to create you own slice of Australiana.