Busy Pen Studios

Busy Pen Studios is all about art and creativity, it's about sharing, inspiring and  the sheer enjoyment of being creative. 

Our aim is to spread the joys of the creative process by creating opportunities to bring it our lives through various social art workshopslead by Marloes Bakker-Marsden, and held in various locations around Melbourne, these are fun, accessible and affordable, they are definitely a "must do"!

And then there is the sharing in the form of the finished creations e.g. the artworks or the personalised keepsake gifts, purchased by wonderfully discerning people (like yourself?) who choose to bring the fruits of my labours into your lives and homes (you’re so amazing, thank you!)  

  • Warning - Highly Addictive!

  • Side effects can be - spontaneous creativity with associated smiling, sense of tranquillity, burgeoning passion for fine pens and papers


"Doodling for Relaxation"

You must try these, they are SO much fun!

Great for reducing stress Unleash you inner artist!