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Art by Marloes.bm

Creating Unique award-winning art in her own personal style. 

Blending lifelike drawing techniques with abstract patterns to create beautiful drawings of Australian wildlife, animals and abstracts, Patterns are used for the visual weight within the work, they add depth and nuance to the pictures – if you look closely at the drawings you will find rainbows and scallops, dots, circles, scrolls or are they baby snails? daisies - daisies evoke the smell of summer, of green grass, bird song on a warm sunny day, there are webs saluting busy spiders, weaves, ropes and coils, vines, rivers and textures of all the layers of this amazing life and land around us, these all become part of the story of the image.

And I explore in other Mediums, recently began exploring the delights of scratchboard, occasionally watercolours too.

(And I teach too :) - check out the workshops page)

Commissions - Yes I do commissions! Please contact me for examples of past works and a quote. 


2018 WASA - Hunt for the Wilder Pictures Awards

- 3rd Place for 'Inquisitive' (Blue Fairy Penguins)

2018 WASA - Biannual Wild Awards 

- Highly Commended for 'Montrematic - a Platypus'.

Older Awards:

7x 1st Place industry design awards, (Always 1st's - this girls got skills!)

including 1996 International Designer of the Year - IBAC Chicago.


Limited Editions

Cool Prints (unlimited editions)