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Artist, Teacher, Award winner

& International presenter


A creative adventurous soul and self-taught artist and adore experimentation and love to play with various mediums from the traditional paints, inks and sculptures, to more interesting and unique mediums such as latex balloons! (& won international awards for that stuff!)


About a decade ago, putting down my cross-stitch needle and picking up a micro pen and returned to drawing, inspired by my daughter's homework I started using patterns as the visual weight within my creations, experimenting and developing my own style and exploring subject matter, which of course continues as I grow as an artist. 

Now I create my artworks and teach, sharing my passion and skills with others, I particularly love the Creative meditation "Doodling for Relaxation" workshops, but love it all.

well for starters I won two awards in 2018, not a bad start for my first competition entry since school.

Now I ‘boldly going where no one has gone before’ –(ha ha ha) - well, not really, but I do feel like an explorer of unknown realms and love taking others with me on this artistic journey.

And I love to travel, I'll grab any opportunity, my old camera and off I go! Life is short, there is so much beauty to see and wonderful people to meet and now I share some of my most treasured images with you - enjoy. 


Thank you Mr. Johnston. You encouraged me enter my first art competition and I won a prize! I will never forget that feeling of truly knowing my life purpose in that moment.

Welcome to

my journey